24 September 2002

Building slides for the final year project progress presentation this afternoon. This also involves making sure I have a version of the user interface which actually compiles so I can demo it briefly.

My x21 came back from IBM. It hasn’t given me any electrical shocks yet, which is a good thing. They say they didn’t find the fault, but then again they reseated all the connectors, so perhaps that was it.

Denon returned too. I wonder how longer before it blows up again? Next time I’ll call Merlin Electronics in Mitchell, he seemed to be much more helpful…

Rebuilding my x21 from factory defaults:

  • Shrink the win98 partition and move it up 20 mb or so (/boot needs to be down low)
  • Copy the redhat ISO files to c:\temp
  • Boot with redhat floppy and install from hard disk