24 October 2003


TRIM implements the ODMA 1.0 specification. This works with a bunch of authoring applications, and has for many years. Yesterday, we got a call from someone implementing ODMA in their authoring application and having troubles with TRIM. It turns out that they were lucky enough to have stumbled on a behaviour which is allowed by the ODMA specification, but not done by any one else, and specifically stopped by TRIM because it makes little sense.

The behaviour? They create a blank document, and then ask for it to be opened. TRIM doesn’t like doing this, because we don’t know enough about the file at the time of the newdoc() call to be able to give it a meaningful filename (for instance the extension which the user expected for the document).

Luckily the authoring app guys are reasonable, and we’ll be able to sort it out…

For the benefit of Google users who end up here (and me for when I forget), here are the ODMA specifications which are relevant:

MS Word
PostScript PDF
1.0 odma10.doc odma10.ps odma10.pdf
1.5 odma15.doc odma15.ps odma15.pdf
2.0 odma20.doc odma20.ps odma20.pdf