24 June 2003

Stats exam
Well, I had my stats exam, and let’s just say I hope to pass the unit.

SnoopyPro log dumper

My SnoopyPro log dumper is finished (or at least the bits I need for ICM 532 work). You can find the dumper online and as a tarball. This input currently gives this text output — beware, those files are a little big.

I’ll announce it more formally soon, and see who yells for features. The current storage format is also so inefficient that I am tempted to come up with a new file format…

Are all secondary students this dumb?

My mother in law came over quite upset last night — she thought she might have found some plagarism in year 12 student’s work. Within about 30 minutes with google, I had prooven at least five of these people (out of about 40) had plagarised. How can you be that stupid? In year 12?!?

Some talk of automating the googling for this sort of thing. I will think about this some more when I have more time, and it sounds like a good excuse to have a play with the relatively recent google SOAP interface.

One more exam to go

Assuming I pass everything, the next exam on Thursday should be my last ever (unless I go and do another degree by coursework, which I think is unlikely at this stage). I really should study for it now…