24 April 2003

Well, Dave Jones mentioned the stuff I did for x86info building a wxwindows GUI interface in his diary. He didn’t like it very much:

Someone got creative, and sent me a diff for GUI frontend for x86info.
Unfortunatly using wxWindows, which I've various objections to. I'd
much rather a simple toolkit like GTK or QT be used. (Those libs are
far more likely to be installed on a users box, and asking someone to
install a new widget toolkit for x86info is a bit silly IMO). Nice try
though. The diff also did some other things I'm not too sure about.
Replacing printf's with output_text() calls which are defined as
printf for textmode, and widget_render or whatever for the GUI is one
way of doing things, but how I had things in my head was x86info
becoming a shared lib, and sprintf'ing to a buffer.

Then again, he never responded to my queries about alternatives to the sprintf thing, which strikes me as a large parsing overhead.

On a personal front, spent three days in the hospital with Matthew. Apparently all 8 weeks olds with a fever get admitted. They never did find what was wrong with him…