Blog spam continued


I mentioned my pain with blog spam before here. Now Joseph comments on his problems with the same occurance.

If anything, there is more blog spam here than were was when I wrote that last post. Here’s the statistics. The first line is all blog comments and the second is the count of how many of those are spam:

    mikal@daedalus:~/blog-comments$ find . -type f | wc -l
    mikal@daedalus:~/blog-comments$ find . -type f -name "*.no" | wc -l

150 out of 239 are spam. Now, you’ll never see these on the site, as I moderate all comments, but it’s pretty annoying to have to moderate these. An interesting aspect is that almost all of these have been on two blog posts. Perhaps the spammers’ scripting isn’t all that good or something? They’re all about poker games as well, so I suspect there is one culprit here for my problems.

So, should I close comments on those two posts (which would require writing the closing a comment code, which isn’t too hard), or should I be patient and leave them open to see how long they continue to try in vain for?

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I was quiet on the weekend


So, I didn’t blog as much as normal on the weekend. To be honest I was pretty distracted with a little skunk-works project I have going at the moment. I wont say any more about it until I’m a little more sure that something is going to come of it than I am now…

I did see the Hitchhikers movie though. I thought it was fantastic, and Catherine, who was previously unexposed to the genre enjoyed it too.

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That LCA 2006 dude comments on Qantas losing his bag. It’s probably because the baggage handlers misplaced it while stuffing it full of drugs or something. I have to disagree with you though Mike — Qantas has never lost my bags, and I’ve flown a lot. The only airline to have had that honour is Alaskan, who lost my bags somewhere in LA airport for a day.

When you compare Qantas to the American carriers, Qantas rocks. American sells you the headset to listen to the radio on, and if you use your own headset breaks your fingers. United served me dog food with gravy as a meal, but at least had the pilot’s radio on channel nine. Alaskan lost my bags and had planes which consistently broke down. Qantas is average, but the planes work, they have a great safety record, the food is edible, and they don’t hit me with sticks.

In this environment of airlines sucking more and more each day, and even then going out of business, we should be glad for what we have.

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Engineers Australia — ignoring their members since 1919


I was once a student member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, which has now been re-badged as Engineers Australia. When I stopped being an undergrad student and was asked to join as a full member, I sent an email and asked what their value proposition was, given that they seem largely as irrelevant as the ACS.

You see, they’re really aimed at traditional engineers such as civil, mechanical, structural and to a lesser extend electrical. They have no content related to computer engineering in their newsletter, offer no services relevant to computer engineers in the local area, and generally don’t add a lot of value apart from occasional land grabs for certification of an industry they clearly don’t service.

Anyways, at the time that they asked me for lots of money to join, I emailed them and asked them what they’re value proposition for computer engineers was. They never replied.

What prompted this blog post? They just sent me this year’s membership renewal. It includes last year’s amount as an opening balance. The pitch for me to rejoin appears to be that they’re going to keep billing me by stealth, and perhaps I’ll just accidentally pay one day.

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“Heathrow has all the facilities of a small city.
Shops, child care, health centre, public transport…

Even its own airport.

Via Lindsay who has clearly been on a plane for too long.

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