Oh, and I should stop and smell the roses more

Further to my new year’s resolution post, I also propose the following, which I forgot last time because of the ill considered nature of the post (ten minutes thinking and all that):

  • Dog food more: TRIM is actually kinda cool. I’ve spent some time in the last few weeks registering a bunch of paper that used to be on shelves in my garage and then boxing it. Now, I have lots of free shelving, a neat pile of boxes, and know where everything is for once. It’s very cool. Along the way I’ve learnt a lot about our product too.
  • I should stop and smell the roses more: it occurs to me that each day is one less day I have on this earth. I should therefore try hard to enjoy each day, even if it’s simple things like driving to work a different way each day, taking more photos, or spending more time with people I like.

OzTiVo BBQ in Brisbane

There is a small but dedicated group of TiVo owners in Australia. I’m one of them. Some of us are having a barbecue in Brisbane on the 22 January. Catherine and I are going. It’s interesting, as it’s also the first time that Catherine and I have been away for a day trip without the kids, and possibly the longest Catherine will ever have been away from the boys. It’s also the first time I’ve used my Qantas frequent flyer miles — it was surprisingly cheap at only 30,000 miles worth of points for a business class return ticket. Perhaps you should come along too? If you’re not that interested in Brisbane, then there are competing BBQs in Melbourne and Sydney on the same day.

New year’s resolutions

Apparently all the cool people are making new year’s resolutions, so here are mine…

  • Spend more time considering my new years resolutions: I wrote this after lying in bed this morning with a headache for about ten minutes. Perhaps I should resolve to have fewer headaches as well.
  • Document my toys better: I’ve acquired a bunch of interesting hardware this year, and I haven’t documented much of it on my toys page. The reason for that is that I have been waiting for it to all work well before documenting it. I’ve been so busy in 2004 that this desire results in me never really documenting anything. What gadgets are in the backlog?
    • A Siemens S55 mobile phone — like it, but it didn’t survive the washing machine very well
    • A Siemens C60 mobile phone — hate it, it’s cheap and nasty, but I got it for free with the S55
    • An i-mate SmartPhone 2 — like it, and hate it. It’s nice, but too big and the battery life sucks
    • An Ipaq h2210 — like it
    • An xbox which is now running Linux — Andrew loves it
    • A Think Pad R51 — documented, but in summary, I love it

    Because of the way Australian tax law works, it’s advantageous for people in the IT industry to buy a hand held and a laptop once a year, with the year starting in April. I’m thinking that an Ipaq with a GPS would be cool, especially with my desire to collect data about where I have driven around town. Bob recently picked up a Navman, which looks kinda cool, but is a bit plastic. I’ll see what else is around in four months. On the laptop front, I seriously considered an Apple laptop last time around, but dropped it at the last minute because of their poor linux support, and the excellent PC hardware coming out of IBM. Now that IBM seems to have cast aside their PC hardware division, it’s not so compelling to buy another Think Pad. Since then, I’ve discovered Bob’s (yes, Bob has even more hardware than me) NEC T400 tablet PC is quite tempting, as I don’t like reading large amounts of text on screen and having something like a big bit of paper might help with this. Additionally, it’s nice and light.

    Mini-rant: why are light machines always low end? I want something like, small, and fast for once.

    On the documenting toys front, I’ve spent some time in the last couple of days hacking on usblogdump to help analyze a USB stepper motor controller, so I’ll have some interesting stuff to talk about there soon.

  • Diarise more: I’m not going to call it blogging, the Scoble et al buzz is starting to get on my nerves. Then again, I’ve had a online diary for a long time now, and I want to put more up here. I’m thinking that I want more technical content, as well as some more stuff about life in general — for example, I’m thinking of writing up Mikal’s largely unoriginal and rather unreliable guide to personal wealth. I suspect the way to do that is to write it in full, and then dole it out over time. Thoughts?

    I’ve also had most of a book on open source image programming for quite some time, and I should really get around to taking it to as publisher. Then again, perhaps it should just be online content? Some of it’s available on IBM’s DeveloperWorks site, but not all.

  • Another trip to the US would be nice: I made two trips to the US last year, and I really like the place. I must admit that before my first trip, like the majority of people in the rest of the world (I haven’t done any surveying, but that’s the vibe I get), agreed with the French over the invasion of Iraq. Having been there and talked to real people has certainly helped me see their side of the story a little better, and I am much more sympathetic now. I also need to fill in some gaps, like finding out more about the Civil War than that it was a bunch of Southerns and Northerners being grumpy about slavery.
  • Be less grumpy: I’ve been grumpy recently. It is of course everyone else’s fault, but I should try to be less annoyed by humanoids.
  • Help organize a kick arse linux.conf.au: say no more. You should checked the speakers list. I dare Robert Scoble to come along. It’s a long flight, so I personally undertake to act as his tour guide, and introduce him to a bunch of the .NET people floating around here as well. Perhaps he can convince us that .NET on tablet PCs is the way of the future? Hell, I’ll even show him Twinkle-Tux, my Linux penguin made out of fairy lights. The penguins which bit Linus and caused the logo (they live in Canberra). We could even assault a Koala or two. Drink beer better than Fosters (it’s not hard).
  • Spend more time with my family: the kids Andrew and Matthew are growing up so fast, and I really should take more photos of them as well.