Blog discoverability

Further to my previous comment on blog discoverability, the Scoblizer wrote a post in his blog about the topic. He makes interesting points about the pinging services. I must admit that I wasn’t previously aware of those. I have also installed the referer logging plugin for Blosxom as a bit of an experiment. I’m never bothered before to work out who reads this site, and where they come from (I don’t have access to the server logs on this hosted machine, and the ISP provide aggregate statistics only).

Robert is right — without pinging and tracking refers, what I have had for the last five or so years is a website that just happens to be published using a blogging tool (first my own, and now recently Blosxom). That would explain why in those five years I’ve got lots of traffic, but never once ended up in the sort of inter-blog conversation which I’m having now.

I haven’t had a chance to read Biz’s post on the whole blog discoverability thing yet, but it certainly looks like it’s worth the time. I have plugged him into my aggregator though, anf will catch up on reading when I have more coffee in my system. I do wonder if that is a factor — I live in Australia, which is really the wrong timezone to be talking to Americans much. It’s a bit of a pain, as I work for a company with quite a vibrant US office and my borther lives in Washington DC as a third of the US presence for annother Australian ISV. If I want to call them, then I have to ring at 11pm to get them at 9am, and I’ve never really been a big night person. Luckily my brother is a night owl at least.


I just installed Cliprex lite in my quest for a Windows video player which doesn’t suck… I should have read the reviews. DNS resolution doesn’t work with Windows 2003 any more. I would highly recommend staying well clear of this piece of s**t.

I ran adaware et al, but in the end this fantastic page had the fix. I had to be kinda trusting to just randomly run it, but I was getting a little desperate…

By the way, Cliprex never did work… It just GPFed immediately. I don’t even know if there is any video code in there…

A video player for Windows which doesn’t suck?

I’ve been using Xine under Linux for a while as my video player of choice, and it’s nice. Really nice. My linux laptop is in for repair at the moment however, so I’m using my Windows (Server 2003) laptop instead. Yes, I do actively use two laptops. Anyways, I’m having troubles finding a Windows video player which doesn’t suck. Windows Media Player can’t play a MPEG file of all things, VLC has trouble with the interlacing used on the TiVo recordings, and the other couple I have downloaded have sucked equally. Does anyone have any hints?

On the Scoblizer and blog discoverability

Robert Scoble’s comments on blog fame are interesting, but I still think he’s left out a factor — discoverability. I could have the best blog on the planet (I don’t but you can judge for yourself at, but if no one has linked to it, then it might take Google forever to find it.

Or am I missing some obvious form of blog discovery that people are using?