LCA2004: 13 January 2004


Tue Jan 13 09:53:19 EST 2004

I just had a very interesting conversation with Geoffrey from Sydney about LPI proctoring. I think that there are some interesting things which we can do in Canberra with this… More information later when I know what’s going to happen (I wouldn’t want to get your hopes up).


LCA2004: 12 January 2004


Mon Jan 12 10:44:09 EST 2004

There were a surprising number of people registering for the conference at 8am this morning. The Open Source in Government mimi-conference (which is the one I am registered at) probably has about 100 people in attendance. Most interesting of all is that about half of the speakers appear to be politicians describing how cool they think open source is, and how their party wants to go in that direction… Very satisfying.

We found a better route to the university, so the advertised 10 minute walk isn’t a big lie after all.

Mon Jan 12 23:46:46 EST 2004

Out to dinner at a nice Chinese place… The audio miniconf jam was taking a lot longer to setup than expected, as the venue didn’t take their kind of audio cable. In the end we wandered off the get food.

Linus was spotted wandering around today, but wasn’t getting mobbed or anything which was nice. I asked him about the photos of Andrew he took last year, but he doesn’t have access to them remotely. I must remember to mail him sometime to talk about them.

I took some photos today, if you happen to accidentally care.


LCA 2004: 11 January 2004


Sun Jan 11 08:59:33 EST 2004

Well, I’m at the airport, waiting for my plane which leaves in about an hour… I’ll be getting into Adelaide about 12:30pm local time. See y’all there.

Sun Jan 11 15:25:23 EST 2004

I’m now in Adelaide, and have walked from my accomodation at St Marks to Rundell Street mall. It took about 15 minutes to get there (slightly uphill), and about 10 minutes to get back. University of Adelaide, the site for 2004 is one block closer than the mall, but is at the far end of the mall. I’d say that makes the official estimate of how long it is going to take to walk there a little optimisitic, but not too bad. I’ll only have to do it around 16 times, so not too bad.

So, Adelaide is called the city of churches. Here’s some pictures of the cathedral on the same street as St Marks…

… And here are some pictures of St Marks itself (from the street)…

… And the building I am actually staying in for the week. I think I’m the first to arrive in my building, as I can’t see anyone else around.


09 January 2004


My wierd week

Ask me in a couple of weeks and I will explain… I need the week to end and for some things to be confirmed before I can comment further.

Stop mailling me!

Argh! The linux-aus mailling list has been taken over by trolls:

From Fri Jan  9 08:52:15 2004
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 23:00:01 +1100
From: Michael Still 
Subject: Mail stats

  Total  Number Folder
  -----  ------ ------
1714765      97 /var/spool/mail/mikal
 178281      26
   4877       1
   7134       1 australianit
   4339       1
   4120       1
   8636       1 cougar
   5509       1
   5105       1 daily-news-txt
  21609       6
   4046       1
   6731       1
   5131       1
  71689      15
  18262       2
  75298      15
 373955      69
1849069     193 detected-spam
  18997       1
  73231      16
 314078      15
  10587       2
  80841       1
  36305      10
 198408      40
  30377       3
  19129       3 ietf
  10179       3 ietf-announce
   3276       1
   4886       1
  20908       4
   4127       1
  69929      17
 135097      24
 508339      94
 544282     107
2038784     324
  88457      14
  68224      16
  20036       5
   5221       2
  53733      11
 125074      23
  62032      15
 330633      82 nanog
  27921       8
  97565      17
  44758       4
   3106       1 pdfdev
   5187       1
  82704      19
   5968       1 slashdot
 119056      29
  21082       4
  52280       8
  29058       5
   4431       1
 309795      76
   7992       5 yyy-stillhq
 116211      35 yyy-virtualaddressrewrite
  -----  ------
10160840    1482

Very very funny

Be sure to read to the bottom of: this post


06 January 2004



Still plodding along through my LPI preparations… It’s starting to feel like I wont get enough time to do enough reading before the exams at the start of next week. We’ll have to see how I go on the weekend (although I am expected this coming weekend to be quite hectic).

The LCA hackfest…

prize looks real cool. I don’t think I am going to have time to enter though. Oh well…


05 January 2004


Linux Australia

Debate on the linux-aus mailling list about nominations today — it’s good in my opinion, it’s a sign of a healty democracy when there is public debate. The should AUUG and LA merge conversation came up yet again. I personally think the short term answer is “no”, with a possibly different long term answer.


I have something to announce, but I can’t tell you until probably the end of next week at the earliest. I’ll let you know as soon as I can…


I get to give a presentation to Microsoft employees at the end of next week. Does anyone else see the irony here?

Super toddler

Toddlers are amazing creatures. I can’t imagine my kids doing that — they would have got distracted and found something better to do by the end.


04 January 2004


Linux Australia

Nominated for the national committee (the AGM is during Vote one team Mikal!


I’ve been hanging out on IRC too much lately. Way to much being social, and not enough actually cutting code.


This hasn’t been helped by my intention to pass LPIC-1 in about a week at, which has been quite distracting. The tutorials out there for LPIC-1 seem quite bad, especially since the LPI certifications have reordered the objectives between the two exams for that level of the certification. When I’m done, I’ll put my notes online — although they only note the things I can’t remember otherwise, not absolutely everything.

e1000 driver for bf24 Debian installer kernel

You too can have a backdoored install — use this module here.

And they say romance is dead

      <jdub> and in crazy/beautiful (which was good)
      <jdub> (greebo: stfu)
    <greebo> stfu?
      <jdub> shut-the-fuck-up before you can diss me about film choices there
      <jdub> not that you'd take any opportunity or anything
    <greebo> <grin> crazy/beatiful was good, don't know what you're talking about
             * greebo thinks that jdub loving romantic comedies is very cute
             * znoG points and laughs at jdub
      <jdub> greebo: dude, i only watch them for you
    <greebo> znoG: let us beat up on him at every available opportunity ;)
      <znoG> haha
      <znoG> sounds like an event for linux conf :)
      <znoG> 'beat up jdub workshop'
      <jdub> there will be another opportunity for that
      <jdub> at lca
      <jdub> if you're there
      <znoG> oh, wait, you said beat up on him.. not beat him up.. ok
    <greebo> znoG: dou ke yi
    <greebo> znoG: both are ok
      <znoG> how i'd love to be at lca, but funds impede me from attending
      <znoG> lack of, that is
     <mikal> jdub: fear not, I quite like notting hill
<TongMaster> I can see a paper "How romantic comedies are my open source muse"
     <mikal> TongMaster: consider it done