30 October 2003



Had a shocker last night. He was running a quite impressive fever (or so I thought) of 38.9 degrees celcius, under the arm, after Panadol which normally takes the temperature down by about a degree. It wasn’t dangerous, just warm.

Understandibly, he wasn’t very happy, and screamed most of the night. By morning he seems to have broken the fever though. This is a good thing, because Catherine and I must have got about four hours of sleep each.


…Because it’s better than marking…


28 October 2003



I added six to the house today. That took all afternoon to cable, and a couple of hours in the evening with my sparky mate to connect up… It rained all morning, and the kids needed to go to the doctor, so I didn’t get much else done.


Eric, my prospective PhD supervisor, came back with some comments on my PhD application, which I need to spend some time digesting.


27 October 2003


Busy, busy, busy

Well, I’ve started my three weeks leave, and I seem to be busier than I was before… I must admit that there’s less work to be doing though.

PhD application

Well, the draft is finalized, and off with the prospective supervisor for review. This is a good thing because the actual finished applications are due in at ANU at the end of the week.

This also leaves me some more time to focus on the exploratory coding I need to do.

COMP 2110 (Software Design)

We had a tutors meeting, and now I need to mark a huge mound of final assignments. There is a moderation meeting on Friday, so I need to put some effort into this sooner rather than later…

Handyman stuff

Did some basic handyman stuff as well, like fixing a gate, and getting some electrical stuff done with a Friend.


I even found some time to play with the kids.


24 October 2003



TRIM implements the ODMA 1.0 specification. This works with a bunch of authoring applications, and has for many years. Yesterday, we got a call from someone implementing ODMA in their authoring application and having troubles with TRIM. It turns out that they were lucky enough to have stumbled on a behaviour which is allowed by the ODMA specification, but not done by any one else, and specifically stopped by TRIM because it makes little sense.

The behaviour? They create a blank document, and then ask for it to be opened. TRIM doesn’t like doing this, because we don’t know enough about the file at the time of the newdoc() call to be able to give it a meaningful filename (for instance the extension which the user expected for the document).

Luckily the authoring app guys are reasonable, and we’ll be able to sort it out…

For the benefit of Google users who end up here (and me for when I forget), here are the ODMA specifications which are relevant:

MS Word
PostScript PDF
1.0 odma10.doc odma10.ps odma10.pdf
1.5 odma15.doc odma15.ps odma15.pdf
2.0 odma20.doc odma20.ps odma20.pdf

23 October 2003



Well, CLUG last night seemed to have a small turnout, which was a little sad. Then again, I can understand why Tridge was the only Ozlabs guy who turned up.

Darren gave an interesting talk about the raidtools which implement software RAID. I donated a box with a couple of hard discs and a couple of floppy drives for the demo. Anyone feel the need to a mirror across two floppies?

On the way home, I had to change my route because of a certain US President’s motorcade.


22 October 2003


Rest in peace, Will Johnathon Russell

Notice from The Canberra Times:

WILL JOHNATHON RUSSELL Stillborn October 18, 2003 So dearly wanted -
so sadly missed We will remember you always May you always watch over
us and know how much you are loved Mum and Dad love you Alli and Paul
would like to invite family and friends to attend a service for their
son Will to be held in the Chapel of the Norwood Park Crematorium,
Sandford St, Mitchell tomorrow WEDNESDAY October 22, 2003 commencing
at 10am. Lots of bright colourful flowers most welcome WILLIAM COLE
FUNERALS Canberra 6253 3655

My soul finds rest in God alone;
   My salvation comes from him.
He alone is my rock and my salvation;
   he is my fortress, I will never be shaken

My salvation and my honor depend on God
   he is my fortress, I will not be shaken
Trust in him at all times, O people;
   pour out your hearts to him,
   for God is our refuge.

Psalm 62:1-2, 7-8

Will Johnathon Russell, son of Rusty and Alli — died 18 October 2003. You’re with God now.

What can I say? Nothing will ever give me the right to say that I understand what Rusty and Alli are feeling. Whilst Catherine and I lost our first, it was very early on in the pregancy, when we hadn’t fully come to terms with being parents yet, and when these things are much more common (and more expected).

I understand fear of losing someone, having nearly lost Catherine and Matthew at the same time at the start of this year, but I’ve never lost someone so very close to me.

It really makes me appreciate Andrew and Matthew. I just pray that I’ll be able to see how to help Rusty and Alli if they need that help.


15 October 2003


On leave soon

In Australia, you get four weeks recreation leave a year. My time this year has snuck up on me, and now I have to find some stuff to do for the three weeks I just decided to have off in a couple of weeks.

Chasing down kernel bugs

Well, I’ve been looking at the OSDL bug reports, and I can replicate a 2.4.22 bug there. I thought I had it nailled, but I’m wrong. Anyways, now I need to determine which of the changes between 2.4.21 and 2.4.22 introduced the change.

While we’re talking about the kernel

What is it about open source which brings out the lozer in some people? Do people think that because the code is free they also have a right to everyone else’s time for free as well? This guy would have been well served with a google before opening his mouth.


So, the boss says “think about J2EE”. So I do.


08 October 2003


Running out of PCI slots

Doh! One of my machines has an integrated, all in one, everything on the board, no more to buy, motherboard and I have managed to run out of PCI slots on it (there were only two to start with). I learnt this the trying to find a hole to plug the card into way.

Is monetize a real word?

Cause Grant just coffeetized the floor…

PhD application


Reading up on design patterns

For a tutorial I have to run tonight. The standard one that everyone seems to be taught is Model-View-Controller, but Observer seems to have been mentioned in the lectures as well.

LCA 2004

There have been heaps of updates to the page — you can even see when I am presenting


07 October 2003


I now understand what’s wrong with my resume…

I haven’t been lying enough. I’m glad that’s cleared up.

Other stuff

Working on my PhD application. It’s due in at the end of this month. I wonder if they’ll accept me?