25 September 2002


Nearly finished building the x21 back into it’s previous state… Honours extension to final year project approved. Life continues…

The initial design for the honours extension looks something like:


24 September 2002


Building slides for the final year project progress presentation this afternoon. This also involves making sure I have a version of the user interface which actually compiles so I can demo it briefly.

My x21 came back from IBM. It hasn’t given me any electrical shocks yet, which is a good thing. They say they didn’t find the fault, but then again they reseated all the connectors, so perhaps that was it.

Denon returned too. I wonder how longer before it blows up again? Next time I’ll call Merlin Electronics in Mitchell, he seemed to be much more helpful…

Rebuilding my x21 from factory defaults:

  • Shrink the win98 partition and move it up 20 mb or so (/boot needs to be down low)
  • Copy the redhat ISO files to c:\temp
  • Boot with redhat floppy and install from hard disk

  • 20 September 2002


    Well, my Denon has been repaired yet again. The fault was in the left front output stage apparently. The little man will come out and have a look at my speakers for a second time apparently.

    http://www.softwaresecretsexposed.com/ this guy is very scary. We should all live in fear.

    Trying to dig some more information out about hyperthreading because of an interesting comment made by Anton Blanchard about the schedualling algorithm. There doesn’t seem to be much out there on the subject.

    Dealing with HTTP date formats and the common log format for this web server. The Apache page is helpful, as is w3c page.


    19 September 2002


    Final year project frustration. One of the other members of the group is upset because a Makefile, now that it has been Automaked, now takes 5 seconds longer to compile for his favourite target. Checkout the thread for yourself, and draw your own conclusions.

    The x21 got picked up for repair yesterday. All my hardware keeps breaking. On the hardware upside, the Cisco Catalyst 1900 is now in the server room, and I can now think again in my study. This is cool, because it now means that my test bench has a Cisco Catalyst 1900 (switch), and a Lattishub 2803 (hub) for when I want to play. You never know when you might need an extra 40 ports in the study temporarily…

    I also dug up some documentation on the Catalyst 1900 in case I need it: http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/lan/28201900/1928v8x/.


    Panda 0.5 RC1 man pages now available online


    Because of a user request, there is now an online version of the Panda 0.5 RC1 man pages. Here are the pages:

  • libpngDummyFlushProc(3)
  • libpngDummyWriteProc(3)
  • libtiffDummyCloseProc(3)
  • libtiffDummyReadProc(3)
  • libtiffDummySeekProc(3)
  • libtiffDummyWriteProc(3)
  • panda_addchild(3)
  • panda_addcubiccurvesegment(3)
  • panda_addlinesegment(3)
  • panda_addquadraticcurvesegmentone(3)
  • panda_addquadraticcurvesegmenttwo(3)
  • panda_applytemplate(3)
  • panda_centerwindow(3)
  • panda_checkinfo(3)
  • panda_close(3)
  • panda_closeline(3)
  • panda_closetext(3)
  • panda_createandinsertpage(3)
  • panda_createfont(3)
  • panda_dbclose(3)
  • panda_dbopen(3)
  • panda_dbread(3)
  • panda_dbwrite(3)
  • panda_endline(3)
  • panda_entergraphicsmode(3)
  • panda_error(3)
  • panda_exitgraphicsmode(3)
  • panda_fillline(3)
  • panda_fitwindow(3)
  • panda_freeobject(3)
  • panda_freetextannotation(3)
  • panda_fullscreen(3)
  • panda_getfontobj(3)
  • panda_hexstring(3)
  • panda_hidemenubar(3)
  • panda_hidetoolbar(3)
  • panda_hidewindowui(3)
  • panda_imagebox(3)
  • panda_imageboxrot(3)
  • panda_imagesize(3)
  • panda_init(3)
  • panda_insertannotation(3)
  • panda_insertJPEG(3)
  • panda_insertPNG(3)
  • panda_insertTIFF(3)
  • panda_makedate(3)
  • panda_md5hash(3)
  • panda_newobject(3)
  • panda_newpage(3)
  • panda_newtemplate(3)
  • panda_nfspagemodde(3)
  • panda_nowdate(3)
  • panda_open_actual(3)
  • panda_open(3)
  • panda_open_suppress(3)
  • panda_pageduration(3)
  • panda_printf(3)
  • panda_print(3)
  • panda_processtrans(3)
  • panda_putc(3)
  • panda_rectangle(3)
  • panda_setauthor(3)
  • panda_setcharacterspacing(3)
  • panda_setcreator(3)
  • panda_setfillcolor(3)
  • panda_setfont(3)
  • panda_setfontmode(3)
  • panda_setfontsize(3)
  • panda_sethorizontalscaling(3)
  • panda_setid(3)
  • panda_setkeywords(3)
  • panda_setleading(3)
  • panda_setlinecap(3)
  • panda_setlinecolor(3)
  • panda_setlinedashing(3)
  • panda_setlinejoin(3)
  • panda_setlinestart(3)
  • panda_setlinewidth(3)
  • panda_setobjectproperty(3)
  • panda_setsubject(3)
  • panda_settitle(3)
  • panda_setwordspacing(3)
  • panda_streamprintf(3)
  • panda_strokeline(3)
  • panda_textannotation(3)
  • panda_textbox(3)
  • panda_textboxrot(3)
  • panda_textdirection(3)
  • panda_transduration(3)
  • panda_transstyle(3)
  • panda_traverseobjects(3)
  • panda_writeobject(3)
  • panda_writetrailer(3)
  • panda_writexref(3)
  • panda_xfree(3)
  • panda_xmalloc(3)
  • panda_xrealloc(3)
  • panda_xsnprintf(3)

    There’s a few of them now…

  • 18 September 2002


    Hmmmm. The Cisco 1900 switch is simply too loud to live on my desk. I can feel the great switch rearrangement coming on in orer to bring something quieter into this room.

    An interesting article on that Hungarian notation thing Microsoft is so big on.

    Finally sending my Thinkpad x21 in for repair — I’ve been putting it off for about 8 weeks because I have been travelling a fair bit recently.

    Scott took my call (he's in Brisbane if that matters)
    My faults:
      - electrical shocks
      - long POST
      - dud floppy drive (this might be my fault though)
    Tracking number: p1d9hy3

    I must say that Scott was very polite. Unlike the milko, who I have called five times now to try to tell him about an incorrect delivery last Sunday.


    17 September 2002


    Working on a loner laptop from Doug because my X21 has to go in for some serious IBM loving… In the end I wrote a simple shell script which attempts to keep my increasing number of machines in sync.