20 May 2003

I got my copy of the AUUG voting papers today. Voting for or against the people I have met is easy, but a bunch of people nominated for ordinary committee positions who I had never heard of before. It’s really hard to decide to vote for based on a one paragraph statement in the election materials, especially when some didn’t even bother to provide that. I ended up using the Google method of determining who to vote for. This involved searching for their email address, and then seeing if they were a regular contributor to the community. It’s amazing how many people had less than 20 hits for their email address in Google.

I don’t normally talk about work stuff here much, but I thought I should say that I spent some time yesterday fixing a problem where a window handle was being cache incorrectly, and am spending today writing conversion code for one of the internal databases.

Open Source
Still chasing a silly bug in PandaEdit. I will one day find it I imagine. It has to do with the fact that there are many items of type object, and a bunch of them happen to refer to each other.

18 contact hours, one in class test, two assignments, and two exams before I graduate. Not that I’m counting.

Andrew has started chasing me around saying “Michael” and waving his arms… A constant demand for cuddles. Quite strange.