18 September 2002

Hmmmm. The Cisco 1900 switch is simply too loud to live on my desk. I can feel the great switch rearrangement coming on in orer to bring something quieter into this room.

An interesting article on that Hungarian notation thing Microsoft is so big on.

Finally sending my Thinkpad x21 in for repair — I’ve been putting it off for about 8 weeks because I have been travelling a fair bit recently.

Scott took my call (he's in Brisbane if that matters)

My faults:
  - electrical shocks
  - long POST
  - dud floppy drive (this might be my fault though)

Tracking number: p1d9hy3

I must say that Scott was very polite. Unlike the milko, who I have called five times now to try to tell him about an incorrect delivery last Sunday.