16 December 2001

Finally started not feeling sick again… My stomache is still doing pyrotechnics at the moment though, so I am not getting too much done. Hopefully Catherine wont get this sickness off me — I don’t want to make her or the baby ill.

Managed to find the energy to have a look at groff2db for Greg again… He has sent a list of bugs that he wants looked at. I will try to get onto them sometime soon. I am also very aware that I need to get going with the comp.text.pdf FAQ. I had a brainwave though (the rainwaves are what slows it down), and the next version will be in a PDF. The PDF will come from docbook SGML, which will make it easy to target at a variety of different outputs later on if the mood comes upon me…

Anyway, I think I might have a lie down now.