15 October 2003

On leave soon

In Australia, you get four weeks recreation leave a year. My time this year has snuck up on me, and now I have to find some stuff to do for the three weeks I just decided to have off in a couple of weeks.

Chasing down kernel bugs

Well, I’ve been looking at the OSDL bug reports, and I can replicate a 2.4.22 bug there. I thought I had it nailled, but I’m wrong. Anyways, now I need to determine which of the changes between 2.4.21 and 2.4.22 introduced the change.

While we’re talking about the kernel

What is it about open source which brings out the lozer in some people? Do people think that because the code is free they also have a right to everyone else’s time for free as well? This guy would have been well served with a google before opening his mouth.


So, the boss says “think about J2EE”. So I do.