13 August 2003

New house

It gets even better. The current owners of the new house are now bickering over who owns what of the crap in the house, and have engaged family lawyers to slug it out at 30 paces. They also haven’t come up with a list of people who cheques need to be made payable for us to actually pay for the house.

It’s annoying, especially given how much they hassled us to get ready for the 15th, and now they’re making no attempt to hit that date themselves.

It’s going to cost me money too. It turns out that they have seven days after 15th to settle, and then we can issue “notice to complete
“, which has a 14 day period. The problem is that ends up in three weeks, whereas our new tenants are moving into the current house in two weeks. Not happy.

Oh, and to recover the costs of us having to move out into a U-Stow-It and a hotel, we have to sue the current owners.

Stair masters

So, I’m on the stair master at the Gym, and I’m feeling sweaty but
otherwise fine. Then I throw up. Then I don’t feel fine. Now I whinge.