12 September 2002

Are you in the Zone?

There’s been a lot of discussion lately at work about specification writing. This has lead to a lot of web surfing about the definition of a good specification. This articles discusses why you shouldn’t interrupt programmers while they are working, and why we should all have offices instead of those crappy cube farms.

It discusses a thing called the Zone, that place that you go when you’re really concentrating, and at your most efficient. It explains why you shouldn’t interrupt people when they are in the Zone, because it takes 15 minutes or so to get back into the Zone. This article has a lot to answer for — it has resulted in people interrupting each other with the words “So, were you in the Zone?”.

Feeling a lot better today, but I am not sure how much of that is the cold and flu tablets talking. There is an interesting article linked to on Slashdot this morning: Strange Attractors and TCP/IP Sequence Number Analysis – One Year Later. Some vendors need to clean up their act methinks.

Big update to the website. The AUUG 2002 MPEGs are now online. Converting the JPEG files to MPEG wasn’t too hard, once the tools had been wrangled into installing. Things shouldn’t have to be this hard to install. I am thinking about how the many dependancy problem applies to my code now…

Caught up on comp.text.pdf a bit, after far too long an absense. Still not up to date though.

Picked up my “new” switches — Cisco 1900 10mbit 24 port thingies, ex-CSIRO.