11 September 2002

Still flu enabled. This is making it hard to motivate myself to write specifications for work…

On another note, I am impressed with the compression ratios available with MPEG compression. I took 275MB of JPEG images, and turned them into a 25 FPS MPEG, and it came out at 37MB. That’s pretty cool. In case your wondering, these MPEGS are the conference webcam ones. Have a look over here for more details.

Matt and April’s site points to an interesting piece of satire: http://www.satirewire.com/news/0010/international.shtml. I thought satire wasn’t meant to be true.

Ohhhh, the courier has picked up the cabling for my switch box, and is bringing it to my very door as I write this. Yay not having two keyboards in front of me!

And it arrived. I am now switchbox enabled.

Spent some time trying to fix my Docbook formatting problems. This lead to my Docbook page.