11 August 2003

New house

Catherine and I spent the weekend packing up more of the house. We’re nearly there now, which is good as we move in a little under two weeks. The study, which is a three meter by three meter room, is now almost entirely full of boxes with stuff in them. It’s a little depressing when your entire house (not including furniture) fits into one truck load — I thought we had accumulated more stuff than that.

Red bull

Red bull is one of those caffeine enhanced energy drinks you see around now. It’s the first time I’ve had one — it tasted like liquid nerds (little hard candy thingies). Yum. I should be careful around this stuff…


An older version of the mandocs patch got picked up by Linus, and was released in 2.6.0-test3. This means that I now have my name in the Linux kernel CREDITS file. Hurrah for me! Anyways, now I need to chase getting the new improved version into the kernel before people hunt me down and harm me.


A little late on the next monolog entry, which isn’t up yet, as I think I might have found a bug…