09 July 2002

Andrew’s first typing:

 xw"c:\\mikal\\test\\fad_ass11.doc" x p fleaPFL        -lo`ol.1l;l.33.\5d .b f6l//f.l =l?F   0fdd

The bold bit is where he lucked out and got ctrl-v 🙂

I need to convert Panda, which is not object orientated, so something a little more C++ friendly. I thought about doing this by hand, but ended up deciding it is a job for a perl script (there are 85 function calls at the moment, and there will be more in the future, and I would like to automate generating the C++ wrapper around the library).

Got most of the way through writing the script. It’s actually an interesting little problem. It’ll save me some time in the future as well methinks.