07 January 2003

More work on the HTML template processing system at work. It’s not open source, so I wont discuss it any further here.

Lots of email today. It would seem that Linus has included a patch of mine in his bitkeeper tree which isn’t as correct as it might otherwise be. The interesting emails look something like this.

Played with pngtools again, after an email from someone asking after the status of the pngcp command that I had never written. Got off my bottom and started thinking about it. There were also some things in pnginfo (likes it’s assumption that images were always RGB and had only one byte per sample) that I didn’t like and have now fixed.

I released a new version today.

Now I can get back to the project which prompted the PNGcp coding — I want to be able to overlay a raster of any bitdepth and sample rate onto a 8 bit per sample, 3 sample per pixel raster for use in libmplot. This can then the used in yet another of my projects.

A friend of mine who will remain anonymous had to write a letter kicking herself out of home the other day so that she could get government housing benefits.