03 September 2002

A day in Melbourne. Spent the morning looking for a good price on a MMC card for my new MP3 playing mobile phone. Settled on maxing out the phone with a 64 MB MMC card which was about one third of the highest retail price I found. Also bought a reader / writer cradle while I was at it.

Copied some songs onto my phone… It is sorta cool having 64MB of portable storage if I need it, although the serial cable Siemens provided is way slow… The USB cradle is pretty fast though. I wonder if I can be a USB cable for the phone itself which just makes it look like a disc? That way I wouldn’t ever need to pull the card out of the phone…

It’s now trivial to backup the address book on my phone. I wonder if the file format for the data is open, or if it needs to be made open?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, new toyness.