03 July 2003

Why I don’t like the city (again)
The old guy deliberately wetting himself on the sidewalk outside the training room today really summed up why I feel uncomfortable in the city. Especially given there was at least four public toilets within about a 50 meter radius. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

On the walk back to the car was the guy who crapped his pants, and was then just wandering around.

Oh, and every tried killing time in Civic? All the interesting stores became coffee shops, seemingly overnight. It’s a bit like that Simpsons episode where the whole mall is full of nothing but Starbucks shops.

SnoopyPro log dumper (usblogdump)

Got the ac3 log that a kernel hacker sent me working last night. I now just need to work on actually decoding the contents of the URBs a little bit better, but I’m getting there slowly. You can checkout the code here.


Have an article due at the end of the week, and I’m having troubles making it look good… Something about Matthew keeping me up all night. Not that Catherine is any better off…

Car crashing

I didn’t get much article done tonight. On the way home I noticed that a bunch of the vertical rails holding the side rail of the bridge were missing. At the time I thought that some kid had vandalised them by driving into them deliberately.

Then we saw trhis quite attractive girl park her car and run across the road in a panic. She seemed really distraught, so we pulled up. It turns out that this old dude in a van had knocked down the poles with his van, then hit a gate and gone off the road. Doug talked to the guy in the van whilst I russled up an ambulance. He was awake, but puking, and unable to talk. We think he had had an epileptic fit.

The really impressive thing was that the gate went through the front of the van, and through the front passenger seat. He was really lucky to be fine, and really lucky he didn’t have a passenger.

A bit wierd that. I have deliberately not gone any further with this discussion, and deliberately didn’t take any pictures. I didn’t seem right. The people who came up just to see, and in one case laugh, make me sick.