02 July 2003

Why I don’t like the city
I always feel uncomfortable in CBDs. I think it’s all the homeless guys wandering around. In this country we have pretty good social welfare (compared with say the Americans), so there’s often no reason for them to be homeless. They do it by choice. Also, why do there never seem to be any female homeless people on the streets in Canberra?

Perhaps I’m wrong about the whole thing. I dunno.

The house

I think we’ve decided to do the propery rental thing ourselves, instead of getting an agent to do it. It would cost a couple of grand a year for the agent to do it, and I don’t think that’s value for money given they do two inspections in that time, and accept no responsibility for the state of the property.

That MS course

Gee, they have got keen on security. Today they demonstrated buffer overruns, stack smashing, SQL injection, and cross site scripting to the class. It’s interesting. I think I was the only student in the room who had heard of such things before. Some of the others looks worried…