01 August 2003

Written from a room in the Duxton Hotel, Milson’s Point, Sydney

The Duxton

I couldn’t see it last night, but the view from my room this morning is fantastic. I don’t have a memory stick for my camera (but I do have the camera), so I’ll see what I can organise today so I can post a picture here later. And here one is…

I have a runny nose

Not that I imagine that you care.

My boys rock

Catherine has the boys by herself by virtue of me being away. She only got woken once last night, and that was by the 5 month old. My boys (Andrew and Matthew) are good little people.

AUUG Chapter Council meeting

I met Greg Lehey and David Purdue at about 9:30 in the lobby, and we proceeded to the chapter council meeting. I wont diarize what happened there until I have had a chance to come up with a report for the Canberra AUUG committee. Let’s just say that GST complicates the world a lot, and that it was a good, productive, meeting.


I’m currently reading Google Hacks for review. Not too bad so far…

Mexican for dinner

My first margaritas ever tonight at this Tex Mex place called Had to happen — it didn’t seem like anything special, especially once I had to pay for a $45 meal of dip and fajitas.

Here’s proof that Greg is always sensible: