24 September 2003


KernelTrap interview with Rusty

It’s nice to see people based in Canberra (and who regularly come to the local LUG) featured on sites like this. The interview is also an interesting read.

Rusty mentions a paper on futexes, which I will one day get around to reading…

Also, he mentions: I wrote the Unreliable Guide To Kernel Hacking and the Unreliable Guide to Kernel Locking (which require updating for 2.6) which sit in the kernel sources under Documentation/DocBook/ — which sounds like an interesting task for someone.

Saturation coding

I’m pushing a deadline at work, we’re nearing the 5.2 release of the product, and I’ve been burning the midnight oil a little to get a nice feature ready in time for it to get into the product, having been QA’ed properly. I think I’m nearly ready now though. I think I’ll need to have Friday off to see this year’s Floriade though.