Managing MySQL the Slack Way: How Google Deploys New MySQL Servers

I’ll be presenting about Slack (the open sourced tool kit we use for deployment software configuration) at the MySQL user’s conference in Santa Clara in late April. The talk will focus on the interesting aspects of Slack as it relates to MySQL and should be fun. A DBA mate of mine is gonna present with me, so it should be a barrel of laughs.

Done and done


Stewart finished off the last trailing chapter of the MythTV book a week or so ago, and I finished the last copy edit (the process where we learn US grammar) just now. That means we only need to have page layout done for a chapter or so and we’re home. Hurrah!


Scott Adam’s blog: the boner theory of management


The Boner Theory of Economics also predicts that in the long run — perhaps in a few hundred years — the military will be 100% gay men. This is the best case scenario for taxpayers because it will keep down costs, and recruiting will be easy.

Recruiter: “We can’t afford to give you body armor, but you’ll be surrounded by young, vital men who are a long way from home. Would you like a tour of the showers?”

Recruit: “Yes, but I can’t stand up right away.”


An occasional rant about spam

mikal@daedalus:~/blog-comments$ find . -type f -name "*.yes" | wc -l
mikal@daedalus:~/blog-comments$ find . -type f -name "*.no" | wc -l
mikal@daedalus:~/blog-comments$ find . -type f -name "*.blocked" | wc -l
mikal@daedalus:~/blog-comments$ find . -type f -name "*.badword" | wc -l
mikal@daedalus:~/blog-comments$ du -sh
506M    .

664 real comments on this site, 18361 I manually said no to, 32111 were blocked based on originating IP, and 5007 contained a bad word. Andrew currently donates 506 mb of disk to hosting just comments. That seems excessive to me. I’ll take the time to cleanup the disk usage in the next couple of days.




I went to the dentist for the first time in the US last night. It was a pretty odd experience. 19 xrays (apparently that’s standard here), a TV set on the wall where they showed me the tooth which needs a filling, and then showed me the filling after it was done, photos of my teeth with a digital camera so they can show me before and after in a few years. Heck, they rubbed lotion on my lips for me so that I wouldn’t have to suffer at all by keeping my mouth open for more than 30 seconds.

The best bit? They came up with a written estimate before they did the filling, and made sure I was ok with the whole thing before they did any work.

I think I like the dentist here.


MythNetTV beta 4


As it says in the email:

To: Discussion about mythtv <>
Subject: MythNetTV beta 4

Hi again.

MythNetTv is my video downloader / aggregator / importer thingie for MythTV.

I've spent a little longer testing this beta, and I think it's getting
kinda ready for a real release number or something. New things in this
version (from the change log):

  - Made --update more terse
  - Made --update more liberal about what it considers to be a video,
    specifically added video/quick time and text/html (to work around the
    rather broken
  - Added a filter option to --download to constrain it to only
    downloading shows with a specific title
  - Added transcoding for mov and wmv2 files
  - If there is a straggling import, and it causes as error, just skip
    it and mark it as imported
  - Don't reset transferred data statistic when we start downloading a
    show again
  - Started implementing moniker support for downloads
  - Unsupported monikers will result in an attempt to download the URL
    using mplayer (which works for RTSP and MMS at the least)

Yes, that's right. You can now download only shows with a specific
title, and you can also download any protocol which mplayer supports --
specifically, RTSP and MMS are now supported.

Now, if only there was a non-sucky way to work out what streams were offering at any given time...

Get it here if you care:


Dell e310 upgrade


I’m starting to get annoyed with the reliability of the USB chip sets in my external disks (of which I have six), so I am considering upgrading to a home theatre style case for my Dell e310 so I can have room to move the disks to inside the case. There are of course warts — the Dimension e310 appears to have a BTX mother board (


). Additionally, no one seems to make a BTX home theatre PC case, which sucks.

So, I might end up having to replace the entire machine, which isn’t so cool. I’m gonna put all of this on hold until I can apply more thought to it.