Funny spam


I’ve been getting some pretty funny spam recently, which I thought I should share:

    Welcome to our web site
    Please use in case of our domain outage.
    You\'re invited to shop for large selection of bombs and different
    kinds of rockets such as surface-to-air,
    surface-to-surface and weaponry available at reduced price. With the
    following types of rockets you will be
    able to commit terrorist attacks, destroy buildings, electric power
    stations, bridges, factories and anything
    else that comes your mind. Most items are in stock and available for
    next day freight delivery in the USA.
    Worldwide delivery is available at additional cost. Prices are
    Please feel free to inquire by ICQ # xxxxxxxxx or contacting us
    Today special:
    ******* AIR BOMBS *******
    OFAB-500U HE fragmentation air bomb
    Fuel-air explosive air bombs -Not in stock
    BETAB-500U concrete-piercing air bomb
    ZB-500RT incendiary tank
    500-KG SIZE RBK-500U unified cluster bomb
    RBK-500U OAB-2.5PT loaded with fragmentation submunitions
    RBK-500U BETAB-M loaded with concrete-piercing submunitions-Not in
    RBK-500U OFAB-50UD loaded with HE fragmentation submunitions
    ******* UNGUIDED AIRCRAFT ROCKETS  *******
    Main-purpose unguided aircraft rockets
    S-8 unguided aircraft rockets
    S-8BM-Not in stock
    S-13 unguided aircraft rockets
    S-13, S-13T, S-13-OF, S-13D, S-13DF
    S-24B -Not in stock
    RS-132-Not in stock
    ******* ROCKET PODS   *******
    B-8M pod for S-8 rockets
    B-8V20-A pod for S-8 rockets
    B-13L pod for S-13 rockets
    Recently received *NEW*
    Hydra 70 2.75 inch Rockets
    Air-Launched 2.75-Inch Rockets
    FIM-92A Stinger Weapons System
    Stinger 101: Anti-Air
    Our clients are well known Al-Qaida, Hizballah, Al-Jihad, HAMAS, Abu
    Sayyaf Group and many other terrorist groups. We are well known
    supplier in the market and looking forward to expand our clientage
    with assistance of Internet.
    Do not hesitate to contact us via ICQ # xxxxxxxx
    Impatiently awaiting for your orders,

Ok, so that’s a little weird. How’s this for a email to get a couple of days later?

    Welcome to
    Here you can buy stolen passports, counterfeit dollars and all other things you are in
    want of. If you need, we would provide you with the info about the bank account of a
    person who you are interested in. Also there are credit cards dumps of US and Europe
    residents. Your faithfully,panther aka xxxxx.

And then to round it all off:

    Welcome to,,
    Best credit cards, cashing of dirty money, stolen paypal accounts, access to the bank
    accounts of UK and USA residents - all this you will find only on
    Come now and you will receive 10 credit cards with cvv2 code for free.

I wouldn’t normally share spam with you, but I do wonder what, if anything, I should do with these three. Are they some weird attempt at untargetted humor? Is someone on drugs? Should I forward them to the FBI? Herm.


Hey Robert, Microsoft’s DRM’ed emails break TRIM


Robert Scoble mentions Microsoft’s DRM’ed privacy protected emails for Outlook. I think there are a couple of points that he should be aware of here:

  • They don’t work with other mail applications — the Internet is all about open standards and the free interchange of information (like the web, blogging protocols, and email). People are unlikely to adopt a technology which isn’t compatible with those ideals.
  • They break third party corporate applications like TRIM — which is kinda a tweak on the point above. TRIM is a corporate repository of documents of importance. Like the confidential email Robert refers to. TRIM is also about being able to get that data back in many years, when Outlook has moved on from that DRM standard, and all of the people who know the passwords are long dead. EDM is also about searchability, which we can’t implement with DRMed documents, as we can’t build our indexes.

Has Microsoft instead considered using an open standard like PGP, with the email encrypted for the recipients who are entitled to it? TRIM could then just be another recipient, and decrypt the data before indexing it. That would work with lots of other mailers too.


Ahhh, the onion

    “The release has been eagerly awaited by Matchbox Twenty’s enormous fan base, composed of American record buyers who have a limited interest in music but enjoy the act of shopping. In order to satisfy the undemanding non-tastes of this lucrative market, Matchbox Twenty has made every effort to create what record-industry insiders say is the band’s least distinctive album yet.” — The Onion

That’s pretty funny.

Share conference bags again


Well, I found a bag which is close to what I have in mind for the conference, but it’s way too expensive (about twice what I want to pay). Perhaps that’s because our budgeting for the conference bag is totally wrong, but I suspect it’s more likely to be because the bag is particularly expensive. It’s a nice enough bag too, although not perfect. Ahhh well, bag to the drawing board.


Book writing


Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters has a brief discussion of how to go about finding a topic for a technical book. The advice is sound, in that I imagine that it would be a lot harder to pitch a book on a topic that is well covered. Then again, not all topics are covered well even years after they became main stream. For example, there still seems to be a lot of confusion out there are image processing fundamentals, and I am not aware of a book that covers the standard open source tools — libtiff, libpng, libjpeg, libgif, and ImageMagick. I have thought for a while that my various articles on this sort of thing would form the basis for a nice book.A

Which brings me to the reason I’ve never done anything about it. I’m a technical person, I’m not in marketing, and I’m quite uncomfortable with the idea of doing a pitch for a book proposal. Does anyone out there have advice on how to approach that sort of thing?


Kate Lundy’s website defaced


So, I went to Kate Lundy’s website (she’s the Australian Labour Party Senate candidate for my physical region of the country) to try to find out where to pre poll before flying off the the US. What I found was the text:

    Simiens Crew 2004, enquanto hover fome guerra morte simiens existira

I gave Kate’s office a call, and they’re aware of the problem and don’t sound very happy about it. So what the hell does that text mean? Google’s translation page assures me that it translates from Portuguese to English as:

    Simiens Crew 2004, while to hover hunger war death simiens exists

Whatever that means.

Oh, and she’s running IIS 6. Lots of sites seem to have been hit.


Building 20 again


Attendance confirmed, flights booked (ticketed at the end of the week), meditating on a hotel. Is it ironic that this is post 666 in my blog?

One week in Seattle, one week in Washington DC.


Scobleizer’s blog roll


Ahhh, isn’t that sweet?!? Robert has been kind enough to add me to his blog roll. I wonder if that will noticably affect traffic to here? I note that after about a week or giving it a go, using ping services and checking my referrer list hasn’t had a noticeable affect on traffic here. The referrer logging is interesting though, as I didn’t realize how much of my traffic comes from quite targeted Google searches. That’s cool, because it means that I should keep going with the technical content when I have some worth mentioning. I don’t think there’s a lot of value in just astroturfing random technical thoughts which have been documented a million times before.

I wonder how I explain the discrepancy between the 50 or referrers in the log, and the 500,000 “hits” the server services a month? There aren’t really that many graphical elements on each page, so it’s not 30 hits being one page load or something like that. I suspect some of the traffic is goggle crawling the site, but I can’t imagine their hitting over a quarter of a million pages.