16 September 2003


The kernel-doc never ends

I submitted mandocs_tweaks 1 thru 15 today. Unfortunately, the mailer I was using corrupted the tabs etc, so I had to post a URL to the mega patch. Then, it turns out that Linus’ tree has move too much underneath me, and I need to redo them anyways.



15 September 2003


Dodgy hardware

My firewall machine keeps falling over, with nothing in the log files about it. The machine completely locks up, and doesn’t even respond to the console (nor ICMP) any more. I’m going to swap the hardware out for a spare machine tonight and see if that helps, as it’s starting to get annoying.

PhD topic

I might have thought of a PhD topic — more on this when I know for sure…

Reading up about DIME

Which is kinda like MIME:


10 September 2003



A very productive day getting bug fixes done. We’re allegedly 16 days away from a release.


Finally got horde webmail working. I had pain with imap authentication that took a tcpdump to fix. It all works now though…


8 September 2003


One of those days

When someone out there is trying to tell me something…


So, I’m at work for an hour in the morning, and I’m just starting to get into things, and the fire alarm goes off. Here’s some of us getting no work done:

Then I get back inside in time to find that Catherine has lost her voice so badly that she can’t talk. Andrew finds this quite amusing, and is being naughty, just so she has to try to yell at him. He then laughs…

So I head home.


9 September 2003


Sick at home

So, I’m home sick all day with a migrane. Horray!

Emptying the digitial camera

I did however find the courage to empty the digital camera… Here’s a little gem from when I was painting the new house:



Matt seemed to enjoy himself.


06 September 2003


Listening to: The sound of hack saws through gyprock

Head ache

I woke up this morning with my neck cramping, and a massive migrane. It took me most of the day to get worked up to do anything at all…

Data cabling

In the afternoon, kept working on the data cabling around the new house. That got slowed down the by rain in the afternoon.


02 September 2003



Still trying to get XSP to work. I was distracted by physical existance stuff in the morning, so I spent a little while looking at it this afternoon. I am still trying to work out why I get a TypeLoadException somewhere in the configuration file stuff.