22 October 2002


Got a fair bit of work on the final year project user interface done — it is starting to look a little bit sexy. I had forgotten about the second speach recognition assignment, so I should start to look into that…

I have a CVS log graphing script, which I have been using for final year project. I thought I would run it on the Samba source code… Has anyone else noticed that the log file is 716,291 lines (thats 25,382,244 bytes)?

The problem with the current method is that there is a pretty column header jpeg generated for each source file which has ever been editted, and this slows down generation, as well as making the output of the script a lot bigger on disc (lots and lots of little images). I think that I need to refactor the script so that the days of the month (which hardly ever change) are across the top, and the source files are on the rows.

The old method worked well for smaller projects, but isn’t so crash hot for the huge ones… On the up side, the header images are only ever generated once, and then reused…

Check the report out for yourself


21 October 2002


Thinking about the Linux kernel configuration language.

In the office today.

Does the final year project work ever end?

I’ve been getting really into Avant Go as a way of reading interesting things in offline idle time. Here a URL which will add Kernel Traffic to your Avant Go config.
It turns out that this beats it’s head up against a Palm 32k db entry size limit — so try using a different URL (which is a script on my webserver which breaks up the Kernel Traffic page into many smaller pages).


19 October 2002


More work on the GDMS user interface. I have the basic graphing working, so for a change I started on the mouse selection stuff. There is now a status bar, showing the current mouse location, the current graph, and the selected graph region (if any).

Thinking a little about iSCSI on linux after the UUnite presentation from the other night. There is a linux iSCSI client (called an initiator) at http://linux-iscsi.sourceforge.net/, but from the sound of the page they have only tested against a Cisco server.

I can’t find references to a Linux iSCSI server, but I know that IBM sells one… I’ll post to CLUG and see what happens.


17 October 2002


I went out this morning, and there had been a dust and rain storm. Checkout my car!

Well, Peter needed to see some samples of the new graphing format for my final year project, so I figured I would put it here — please note that the horizontal scaling and gap resolution is not there yet…

The guys out at the IBM LTC in Barton are really growing on me — a cool bunch of people. I spent some time at the UUnite meeting yesterday, and apart from being a 20 questions session on SANs for the presenter, it was way cool… I was one of the people asking all the questions, so I don’t feel too much guilt. It also helped guide the presentation in useful directions I suspect.